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I am a freelance photographer and designer based in Red Deer, Alberta, with a focus on headshots and personal brand photography, magazine-inspired portraiture, and modern marketing design. As an image maker, it’s my goal is to empower, enlighten, and transform.

The creative arts has been a part of my life from the moment I could put crayon to paper; and the walls too if I remember correctly. In the beginning, my passion and imagination materialized through sketching with pencil or charcoal, but have since evolved into the digital realm of photography, print and web media.

A marketing professional by trade, five years ago I was seeking a new challenge and a way to re-ignite my imagination. What began as a hobby ended up imparting a true passion; so much so that I pursued formal training. My work and continued practice as a photographer – with a love and predilection for capturing people – has been exciting and, coincidentally, complementary to my work in marketing communications design and media which afforded me the opportunity to practice my craft capturing the visual stories of people, projects, and events.

“There are few things that bring me more fulfillment than helping others gain confidence by seeing their true potential and beauty through photography.”


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